Basic Offshore Safety Induction Training

This training program is approved by OPITO international organization. It includes safety induction, helicopter underwater escape training including emergency breathing system, sea survival, first aid, basic fire fighting and self rescue.

Students category:

•       Offshore oil and gas installations and sea vessels workers / applicants;

•       Offshore oil and gas installations visitors.


3 days

Main subjects:

Oil and gas industry review/types of offshore installations

•       Risks and hazards at offshore installations

•       Managing offshore safety

•       Regulating offshore safety

•       Living and working offshore


Helicopter flight safety and evacuation

•       Helicopter flight

•       Prohibited and restricted subjects

•       Emergencies during the flight

•       Types of emergency exits

•       Helicopter buoyancy system

•       Emergency equipment

•       EBS


Sea water survival

•       Evacuation and rescue – review

•       Offshore emergency response plans\station bills

•       Types of alarms and communication

•       Emergency situations

•       PPE

•       Sea survival techniques

•       Evacuation to water

•       Inflatable life rafts

•       Life raft survival


•       Helicopter rescue

•       TEMPSC (Totally Enclosed Mechanically Propelled Survival Craft)


First aid

Basic fire fighting and self rescue